Among the services that are offered we can  highlight: 
INSPECTION OF CERAMICS: our engineers can periodically inspect the condition of ceramic elements to verify the wear in MD and CD, locate any breaks generated by mechanical stress or thermal shock, check the status of the edges of each ceramic element and check for other potential problems that can create working conditions not optimal the drainage systems 
Increasing the useful life of the ceramic elements 
Maintaining optimal drainage performance over time 
Increasing the useful life of the canvas
MAINTENANCE OF CERAMIC COMPONENTS: in the presence of problems that compromise the drainage capacity of the ceramic elements and possibly damage the canvas. it is possible to provide maintenance involving the replacement of damaged ceramic segments and rectifying the surfaces so as to restore the flatness and return the drainage element to its original condition of flatness and roughness 
Increasing the life of the ceramics 
Preventing damage to the canvas 
Ensuringongoing optimal drainage performance 
ALIGNMENT  OF DRAINAGE ELEMENTS:  with the aid of optical instruments our technicians are able to align the drainage elements and verify the installation of all elements of the flat board, to anticipate and avoid problems caused by misalignment. 
Maximum  drainage performance
Minimize the impact of drainage elements on the canvas 
Prevent problems on drainage elements 
PERFORMANCE TEST ON VACUUM PUMPS : with this simple test you can verifyt the actual performance of vacuum pumps, determining, as a result, the internal conditions. By measuring the power consumption according to the vacuum generated is possible to determine if the pump is working in optimum condition and perform an assessment of the economic optimization of the vacuum.
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